PAUL'S TRIAL: Demonstration cancelled

Today, the Met Police finally emailed party leader Paul Golding regarding his trial and demonstration next Wednesday (20th May) in London.

They deliberately left it as late as possible to provide their instructions so as to cause maximum inconvenience to the thousands of patriots who were due to attend Paul’s trial.

Firstly, the Met Police informed Paul that they would fine and arrest every patriot that turned up to Westminster Magistrates Court next Wednesday.

They made it very clear that everyone in attendance would first be asked to leave, then fined, then arrested.

This is a direct quote:

‘… the proposed protest will be in breach of the [Coronavirus] Regulations and the Metropolitan Police will fulfil its responsibilities to engage and disperse any groups and take enforcement action by issuing fines and making arrests if necessary.’

This, along with several phone calls emphasising the point, makes it crystal clear that if we went ahead with the planned protest the police would break it up and many of our supporters would be fined and arrested.

Worst still is the multiple punishments that would be dished out to the ‘organiser’ of the demonstration, namely Paul Golding:

‘.....those organising the protest or encouraging attendance at this protest may also be committing an offence. The Metropolitan Police are considering taking action against such people in advance of the 20th May.’

When Paul rang the Met Police liaison unit to ascertain what exactly this meant, they said they were planning to arrest and charge him with an offence under the ‘Serious Crime Act 2007’.

This was due to happen before the demonstration took place next Wednesday!

So not only could Paul be locked up at his trial for a Terrorism Act 2000 offence, he would then be immediately prosecuted for an offence under the Serious Crime Act 2007.

On top of that, the Met Police were almost certain to wait until the last minute and then apply a banning order on the demonstration under Section 14 of the Public Order Act.

This would add another three months in prison on top of the other two charges.

These prison sentences would run concurrently, and Paul would be in prison for up to a year!

But that is not the end of it.

The ‘Coronavirus Act 2000’ gives the government the power to ban public protests, and if we ignored this ban, the courts can fine Britain First an unlimited amount, effectively bankrupting our movement.

Our legal advisors stated that one possibility in this instance would be for Britain First to pay the entire costs of policing the area around the demonstration for the entire day, running into many hundreds of thousands of pounds.

At the end of the email from the Met Police, their preferred plan was laid bare.

This is what the Met Police want:

‘There is a specific exemption under the Regulations (Restriction of Movement) for persons attending Court or participating in legal proceedings but this exemption applies solely to persons subject to the requirement or obligation – it does not extend to supporters or persons attending in solidarity or protest.’

In other words, they want Paul to attend court on his own and be sent to prison, without anyone to report on this gross injustice.

Faced with this level of Police State repression and the dire consequences that have been laid bare, HQ has taken the decision to cancel the planned demonstration outside Westminster Magistrates Court next Wednesday.

We will live to fight another day.

We apologise to all our supporters who have made plans and preparations to come to London next Wednesday, but this has been forced upon us by the Police State bullies and their fascist repression of freedom of assembly.

Thankfully, Tommy Robinson will be attending with Paul on the day to report on the trial, the verdict and the sentencing.

He will be providing updates throughout the day as they unfold.

Britain First leader Paul Golding is deeply grateful for the support he has received from thousands of dedicated patriots.

Regardless of what happens on Wednesday, he is adamant he will not give up the fight to save our country, ever.

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