PHOTOS: Britain First campaigns against Halal slaughter in Burnley!

Britain First activists from the north of England descended on Burnley today to campaign against Halal slaughter. 

The support from the local English population was overwhelming. 

As usual, a gaggle of Islamists and leftists gave intermittent verbal opposition.

This day of action was prompted by a scandal involving the nearby Dunnockshaw Farm Halal abattoir. 

A particularly funny incident in the town centre involved the head of security for a nearby shopping centre (a Muslim) getting aggressive to our activists, telling us we were not welcome in Burnley.

He threatened our activists with the police, but when the police arrived they were friendly and told us we could carry out without interruption!

The Muslim head of security was fuming.

After our activists departed the town centre, they leafleted hundreds of cars in the nearby public car parks. 

A full video report will be released shortly.

Well done to all the activists that took part in today's day of action in Burnley. 


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