PHOTOS: Full report from the Britain First Spring Conference

The Britain First 'Spring Conference', which took place in the town of Hinckley, in the midlands, was a great success.

The Conference saw rousing speeches from Paul Golding, Ashlea Simon, Tommy Robinson, Alex Merola and Nick Scanlon.

Changes to our official 'Constitution' were voted on and approved, unanimously.

An overhaul of the leadership set-up of Britain First was voted on and approved, making Paul and Ashlea co-leaders of the party.

A collection was held for the upcoming Mayor of London election which kick-started our campaign.

Special plaques were given out to the activists who took part in the recent by-election campaign in Wellingborough.

A special prayer was held for the victims of Islamist grooming gangs.

Special guest Karen Downes, the mother of Charlene Downes, was in attendance and was interviewed by Paul Golding.

Six special videos were played to the assembled patriots on a huge screen.

The next Britain First conference will take place in November.

Here are some of the photos from the event:

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