Politician pushing ‘Gender Neutral’ toilets charged with child sex crimes

Conservative councillor David Smith charged with nine counts of sexual touching of a child.

A politician who pushed for the introduction of 'gender neutral' toilets shortly after his election has been charged with nine counts of sexual touching of a child.

David Smith successfully petitioned the Mayor of Middlesborough to trial gender neutral toilets at Middlesbrough Council shortly after his election to the local authority in Teeside, Yorkshire, as a politician representing the Conservative Party.

Councillor Smith resigned from the notionally right-leaning party — described as 'not really conservative' by Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage in a recent interview — with 'immediate effect in light of the allegations' against him.

He added that he “completely reject[s]” the “spurious allegations”, however, claiming that he was only “removing myself from the party [to] ensure I can focus all my efforts on fighting to clear my name.”

Nevertheless, reports suggest he intends to remain on the council — allowing him to continue receiving a reported £6,378 in basic allowance — for the time being.

'An ideological tsunami that sweeps commonsense and biological reality aside'

The report comes in the wake of Sadiq Khan bringing ‘Gender Neutral’ toilets to London to ‘reflect the incredible diversity of the city’ - predictably followed by numerous reports of assaults by transgender males on young women and girls.

Andrea Williams, chief executive of Christian Concern, told George Osborne’s Evening Standard that Khan’s policy was just the latest move in 'an ideological tsunami that sweeps commonsense and biological reality aside'.

Various women's groups, including 'Women and Girls in Scotland' have called for safeguards against biological males in female-only spaces, as elite opinions moves steadily towards allowing people to pick and choose their gender with little or no medical oversight.

'Sexual predators will take advantage of any access they can get and we should be doing all we can to minimise the risks of such assaults,' a spokeswoman observed.


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