SEND A MESSAGE: Ask Donald Trump to help Britain First!

Britain First is coming under unprecedented pressure from the establishment.

In recent years,Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube have all censored and closed our accounts, and 2.7 million of our supporters have lost contact with our party thanks to this censorship.

Our party leader, Paul Golding, has been relentlessly persecuted, prosecuted, arrested and imprisoned by the UK authorities for ridiculous political reasons.

The Electoral Commission has blocked our party from standing in elections and we are ruthlessly demonised by the fake news media.

Our party, and our country, is desperate for support in this fight against communist-style totalitarianism.

We wish to appeal to President Donald Trump - the leader of the free world - to make an intervention to ensure freedom of speech in the UK.

Take part in our campaign and your message will be sent immediately and automatically to a series of emails associated with Donald Trump:


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