PREVIEW: London Elects publishes the FULL London elections booklet

The Britain First campaign for the London elections is taking off like a rocket.

The powerful Britain First broadcast for the London elections has been launched as a video advert on X/Twitter, targeting every user across the city:

Our target is to achieve 1 million views by polling day on Thursday 2 May.

The City Hall elections team have also published the full booklet that is currently being posted to every registered voter in London:

This booklet contains a two-page spread from Britain First.

Voters have already started posting images of the spread on social media:

Our two-page spread will reach an estimated 5.5 million voters.

Combine this with our awesome video broadcast, and we will be running the most powerful nationalist election campaign seen in Britain for decades.

To view the full booklet, including the two-page Britain First spread, in PDF format, please click below:

Please note, the PDF file above is best viewed on a laptop or PC.

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