PREVIEW: The two-page Britain First spread in the London election booklet

Our design and wording for the London elections booklet two-page spread has been approved and has gone to print, according to the 'London Elects' team.

Starting next week, these booklets will be sent to every registered voter in London, approximately 5.5 million of them.

Of the total, around 2 million of the recipients will be native white British, the rest being ethnic minorities.

This exposure for our party is far in excess of what any other nationalist party is capable of producing right now.

Britain First really is head and shoulders above everyone on the patriotic side of politics.

But let's be honest, this ability to punch above our weight is down to the unwavering support of patriots like you.

Your regular contributions are the fuel that powers this movement.

Without your contributions, our movement would grind to a halt and we would cease to exist.

There would be no hope whatsoever for the British people.

So from the bottom of my heart, I send you my sincerest thanks on behalf of our party.

Now that the two-page London elections spread has gone to print, we can finally unveil it for our supporters to check out.

To view the spread in PDF format, please click here:

Please note, the PDF file above is best viewed on a laptop or PC.

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