Reckless Muslim VW Golf driver jailed after 90mph street race with BMW

Atif Qasim, 20, has become the first motorist jailed for flouting an injunction banning ‘car cruising’ in Birmingham

This was the moment police officers lying in wait pounced to arrest two dangerous drivers following a 90 mph street race in Birmingham.

The footage was captured on police dash-cam showing the moment VW Golf driver Atif Qasim flew over an island on the A47 Heartlands Parkway, near Star City, while racing a BMW.

And 20-year-old Qasim has become the first motorist jailed for flouting an injunction banning ‘car cruising’ in the region after West Midlands Police traffic cops caught him racing at breakneck speeds.

Officers pounced on the evening of March 25 as part of Operation Hercules − the force’s response to tackling street racers − gave pursuit and quickly pulled over Qasim and BMW driver Sajad Hussain.

Both were arrested and charged with breaching the city-wide High Court order which outlaws street racing and wider anti-social behaviour like riding in convoy, performing stunts, or revving engines, blaring horns and playing loud music at vehicle gatherings.

A police spokesperson said:

We are determined to send a message to those involved that we will not tolerate this behaviour and those who continue to drive dangerously or participate will be brought before the courts. Our drone footage captures the activity in detail in order that we can assist Birmingham City Council to pursue court action.

Hussain, aged 27, from Ronald Road, Bordesley Green, admitted the offence at court on April 9 and received a suspended jail sentence.

However Qasim, from Ward End Park Road, Alum Rock, failed to turn up at court and was re-arrested later that month after officers tracked him down through known associates.

And when he appeared at Birmingham Magistrates Court on Tuesday, May 8 he was sent straight to prison to start a seven-month sentence. He was also ordered to pay £726 in court costs.


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