REPORT: Britain First visits Russian Parliament and offices of LDPR

Today, the Britain First delegation in Moscow visited the Russian parliament - called the 'Duma' (below) - to liaise with members of parliament who are friendly to our cause. 

The Britain First team - consisting of Paul Golding, Ashlea Simon and Timothy Burton - met with senior MPs and members of the 'Liberal Democratic Party of Russia' (LDPR) in the Duma. 

Despite its name, the LDPR is a nationalist, patriotic Russian political party and has the third biggest number of MPs in the Duma.

After concluding our agenda in the Duma, the Britain First team headed for the national headquarters of the LDPR in eastern Moscow. 

Upon arriving, our team was treated to a tour of the LDPR museum and a discussion session with senior LDPR officials. 

Copies of Paul Golding's book, the 'Battle for Britain', were signed and distributed to our new friends.

News of Britain First's activities in Moscow have been covered by the largest Russian newspaper, Komsomol Pravda, and the TV interview with Russia 24 is due to be broadcast to a huge audience tonight at approximately 11pm.

As soon as it has been broadcast, HQ will post the interview to Telegram and send out via email bulletin. 


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