SADIQ KHAN EXPOSED: Britain First gears up for London election campaign!

Mayor of London Sadiq Khan is an Islamist extremist who has turned our capital city into a Third World warzone.

Under his rule, knife crime has exploded and young kids are dying by the dozen.

Crime levels have rapidly increased and many areas are now dangerous ghettos.

Under his rule, pro-Hamas Islamists are running riot on the streets of London, calling for 'Muslim armies' and 'jihad'.

During his time as a lawyer, Khan represented the extremist 'Nation of Islam', back in 2001 and 2002.

Khan was the group’s solicitor in a legal battle to overturn a ban on its leader, Louis Farrakhan, entering the UK.

Farrakhan was deeply racist against white people and hated our people.

In August 2002, Khan was denied access to the United States to help defend Zacarias Moussaoui, a member of 'Al Qaeda' who was part of the 9/11 terrorist atrocities.

In 2004, Sadiq Khan and Jeremy Corbyn attended the 'Palestine: The Suffering Still Goes On' conference at the Tooting Islamic Centre.

Sadiq Khan shared a platform with no less than five Islamic extremists at this meeting where women were told to use a separate entrance.

Sharing the platform was Stephen Sizer, who has promoted conspiracy theories about 9/11.

Also present was Ibrahim Hewitt, chairman of 'Interpal' (designated as 'global terrorist organisation' by the United States) who supports Hamas and is also a member of the organisation that invited the 'blood libel' Islamist cleric Raed Salah to Britain.

Then there's Dr Daud Abdullah, of the 'Muslim Council of Britain’, who advocated attacks on the Royal Navy if they tried to stop arms for Hamas being smuggled into Gaza.

Then in 2007, Khan attended and spoke at the 10th anniversary celebrations of the 'Palestinian Return Centre' (PRC), alongside Corbyn.

The PRC is banned in several countries and is described as 'Hamas’s organisational branch in Europe' which organises 'radical and violent activity'.

Khan has also advocated the introduction of Islamic law into parts of the UK.

In 2004, he wrote: 'There are some other uncontroversial areas of Islamic law which could easily be applied to the legal system we have in the UK.'

In 2007, he opposed the banning of forced marriages, describing the law as stereotyping 'ghetto' legislation.

In 2016, it emerged that Khan was a close friend of convicted terrorist Babar Ahmad, who supported the Taliban and ISIS.

Ahmad tried to play down his close relationship with Sadiq Khan in a BBC interview.

However, Ahmad's sister Sara had a different recollection: 'Sadiq Khan has been a friend of Babar’s since they were boys and a wonderful supporter since his arrest.'

While Mayor of London, Khan has erected a statue in Trafalgar Square of John Chilembwe, an African anti-British activist who led an uprising against our country during WWI.

Just recently, Khan blocked a statue of Queen Elizabeth II from being erected in Trafalgar Square in favour of a bizarre statue which contained plaster casts of the faces of 850 transgender prostitutes.

When the 'Black Lives Matter' protests kicked off in London, Khan set up the 'The Commission for Diversity in the Public Realm' to review and remove British historical and cultural monuments.

Khan also commissioned a £500,000 'diversity review' of London's historic statues.

During this same period, for the first time ever, special lights went up in London's West End to mark Ramadan.

Sadiq Khan is a disgusting specimen who is destroying what is left of our capital city.

This is why Britain First is contesting the upcoming London elections, to shine a spotlight on Sadiq Khan and campaign against him relentlessly.

Our entire campaign in London is going to focus on Sadiq Khan and his anti-British extremism.

The huge logistical operation to get ten signatures from each London borough is already underway.

The main 'obstacles' we face are financial.

Here's the main costs of our campaign:

Mayoral deposit: £10,000
Assembly deposit: £5,000
Mayoral booklet: £10,000
TOTAL COST: £25,000

The 'mayoral booklet' cost is especially important, as it gives us a two-page spread in a booklet that is sent out to every voter in London.

There are still several million native British voters in London, so we can reach them all at a bare minimum of cost.

We a list of attention-grabbing stunts that we are going to deploy in London over the next few months.

But getting the £25,000 together is the main focus and priority at the moment, so that we can launch into a frenzied campaign against Sadiq Khan!

The deadline is 27 March to get these funds together.

Hopefully, a £5 donation is affordable and you are able to help out.

Whether you can spare £20, £10 or even £5, please make a contribution asap.

As you have read above, Sadiq Khan needs to face a stiff campaign of resistance in London.

Please chip in below:

Yours sincerely
Paul Golding
Co-Leader, Britain First

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