Sex abuse shame of foreign doctors

If you thought it was only in dark alleyways and filthy rooms above kebab shops that English women are sexually attacked by foreigners, you'd be wrong.

Daily Mail:

Foreign-trained doctors commit six in ten cases of sexual misconduct with patients, even though they make up only a third of NHS medics, shock new figures reveal.

They accounted for 23 of 38 proven incidents in the past three years... Allegations include indecent behaviour, sexual assault and even rape.

So is the NHS taking tough action to root out these perverts and predators stalking our hospitals and local surgeries?

Well, not exactly.

In fact, they're trying to figure out ways to reduce the number of foreign medics brought before disciplinary committees.

According to NHS 'chief people officer' Prerana Issar:

It is not acceptable that if you come from some backgrounds, you are more likely to enter the formal disciplinary process, stay in it longer and have more career-limiting outcomes. We must change this and quickly.

Because it looks bad, you see, when immigrants go around raping and assaulting.

Heaven forbid, people might even start thinking that diversity isn't our greatest strength after all, that actually mass immigration makes life more unpleasant and dangerous for British people.

And we can't have them thinking that, can we?


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