Shock - 14 of World's 15 Worst Countries for Female Equality Are Islamic!

The Global Gender Gap Report, published annually by the World Economic Forum (WEF), benchmarks women's equality in 150 countries along four dimensions: economic participation, educational attainment, health and survival, and political engagement.

Readers may be shocked to learn that of the fifteen worst countries for female parity in 2018, all but one (Congo, the world's poorest country) were... Islamic!

Fifteen worst countries in 2018
  Country Percent Muslim*
1 Yemen 99.5
2 Pakistan 96.4
3 Iraq 98.0
4 Syria 87.0
5 Chad 55.0
6 Congo 1.2
7 Mali 90.0
8 Iran 99.4
9 Saudi Arabia 100
10 Lebanon 54.0
11 Oman 85.9
12 Jordan 95.0
13 Morocco 98.9
14 Mauritania 99.9
15 Egypt 85-90
* Source:

The Report's authors explain that 'The magnitude of gender gaps in countries around the world is the combined result of various socioeconomic, policy and cultural variables.'

Evidently, Islam isn't one of those variables, or the authors would have identified it as such in their 367-page report... wouldn't they?

So what could be a common factor in the countries listed above? Something in the water, perhaps?


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