Soldier told to remove Union flag from back garden!

A former Gulf War veteran who flew a Union Jack flag in his own garden says he has been ordered to take it down – after a neighbour labelled it a ‘nuisance’.

Patriotic Andrew Smith, 51, installed the flag on a pole in tribute to Great Britain after serving six years in the Royal Signals.

But following a complaint by one neighbour on his estate, he says that he received a letter from a housing developer ordering him to take it down.

The father-of-two has so far complied with the notice but is now fighting back because he is "proud to be British".

Mr Smith served in the Army between 1988 and 1994 and saw action during the Gulf War – a conflict waged by coalition forces in response to Iraq's invasion of Kuwait.

He wanted to show his continued appreciation for Queen and country and decided to purchase the £3 flag from eBay which measures 5ft by 3ft.

But Mr Smith says that a disgruntled neighbour complained to bosses at Harron Homes who he claims have warned him to take down the flagpole or face legal action.

He said: ‘I think it's the flag as it's the first thing [the neighbour] mentioned, he said to me 'I hope you're taking the flag down, it's spoiling our view.'

‘We have become soft and don't want to upset other people, whereas I have done my bit for my country and I'm proud to be British.’

‘I went to war for my country. It's something close to my heart and every morning I feel like saluting it. We are becoming weak and spineless. Who are they to tell me not to fly the flag?’

Mr Smith, now a project manager, moved into the property in Hucknall, Nottinghamshire, with his wife Trigania, 28, in October last year.

The couple previously lived in Chilwell, Nottinghamshire, where Mr Smith flew the flag without incident for 10 years.


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