Swimming pool jihad targets European women

Thanks to unrestricted immigration from hostile cultures that put females on a par with domestic cattle, public swimming pools in many 'culturally enriched' neighbourhoods have become unsafe for European women and children.

Sex attacks by immigrants and youths of mainly Middle Eastern and North African origin (often operating in gangs) are reported with increasing frequency in Austria, Germany, Holland and other countries of Western Europe.


An Iraqi 'refugee' brutally raped a 10-year-old boy in a toilet cubicle at a Vienna pool and later explained it was due to 'sexual emergency', because he hadn't had sex in four months.

His trip to the pool had been organised as part of an 'integration' programme.

At a pool in Klagenfurt, a 'powerfully built, dark skinned' foreigner sexually assaulted a woman after abducting her four-year-old son.

Attacks like these have become such a problem in Austria that facilities in Perchtoldsdorf, Gloggnitz and other towns have put up signs in English, French and Arabic telling immigrants not to assault bathers or enter female changing areas:


Because of numerous complaints by female bathers, the mayor of Kokzijde in Belgium demanded that male 'asylum seekers' be banned from the town's swimming pool.

At a pool in Ghent last month, a 13-year-old girl was surrounded and sexually assaulted by 'a group of young people from ethnic minorities'.

She was too terrified to call the lifeguards for help. 


After the mass influx of Merkel's migrants in 2015, leaked police reports revealed a 'huge increase' in rapes and sex attacks on women and children at swimming pools.

Rampaging immigrants at Johannisbad baths in Zwickau, Saxony, defecated in a training pool, masturbated into a jacuzzi and sexually assaulted female bathers.

At the public baths in Löbau (also in Saxony), four Syrian 'asylum seekers' were arrested for filming and molesting underage girls.

And in Kehl, south-east Germany, a pool was closed early after a gang of 50 North African men terrorised other bathers.

Following such occurrences many facilities have tried to ban male 'asylum seekers', however leftist organisations have had the bans overturned, so instead they've introduced segregated swimming, security guards, cameras and 'no-groping' posters similar to the Austrian ones:

So many German women and girls have been harassed or molested by foreign men at water parks and pools that even feminist magazines like Emma are reporting it:

'Women are massively harassed by migrants. Swimming champions are abused. In addition, there is a high degree of violence and the lack of any respect! An outdoor swimming pool should be a place of recreation and not a place of horror!' president of the Federal Association of German Swimming Champions Peter Harzheim told the magazine.

'Since 2015 there are problems in our baths with young migrants. It was a slow process. In the meantime, the impression prevails that only young Arab-born men can dare to go to the outdoor pool,' Harzheim added.

According to the police of North Rhine-Westphalia, where the majority of sex attacks in outdoor pools are said to occur, most perpetrators are 'young men of North African, Arab, and Turkish origin'.


In 2017, staff at the Zuiderpark swimming baths in The Hague wrote an open letter to the media:

Staff members are being threatened. Women and girls are being assaulted, large group[s] of immigrant youths take over entire parts of the pool by continually shouting Allahu Akbar.

There have been problems with Muslim visitors since the pool opened in 2000. ... We are dealing with theft, vandalism, sexual assaults, violent outbursts, threats and intimidation. It is striking how often only Turkish and Moroccan boys occupy the pool. Young girls (and specifically Dutch girls) are not safe during the open hours of the pool.

Only recently, three Dutch girls at a pool in Terneuzen, Zeeland were sexually assaulted by 'Belgian youngsters of Moroccan origin'.


In early 2016, women began organising 'vigilante' patrols at swimming pools across Sweden following reports of immigrant sex assaults.

Organiser Siri Bernhardsson said:

The news is completely overflowing with articles about molestation and rapes at Sweden's bathhouses. ... It cannot be right that women and families should be too intimidated to go to the swimming pool, of all places.

Naturally, Ms Bernhardsson was accused of 'racism' and 'xenophobia' for her selfless effort to protect women and children from assault.

And still the problem worsens, as journalist Ingrid Carlqvist recounts:

During the past few months, the number of reports of sexual assaults and harassment against women at public pools has been overwhelming. Most of the 'children' are from Afghanistan, widely considered among the most dangerous places in the world for women.


In Switzerland Michel Kunz, president of the national lifeguard association, reports that immigrant youths are constantly threatening lifeguards.

One of them, Alexandra Bürgi, puts the problem succinctly:

Our problem as lifeguards is men, especially with a different cultural background. Most are between 18 and 22 years old. But it starts with 10-year-olds.


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