TAMWORTH BY-ELECTION: Britain First defeats the Liberal Democrats, the Greens and UKIP!

Last night, Britain First secured a fantastic result in the Tamworth parliamentary by-election.

In a nutshell, Britain First defeated the Liberal Democrats, the Green Party and UKIP, along with a host of smaller parties.

This unexpected victory, smashing a bunch of well-funded Establishment parties who enjoy huge media exposure and seats in Parliament, has caused a total meltdown on the Left of politics.

Just look at some of the tweets screenshot below:

The Liberal Democrats, for example, are the third largest party in Britain, and we just trounced them.

The Green Party is one of the largest and best funded parties of the Establishment, and overtook them.

Just like at the by-election in Wakefield last year, we beat UKIP comfortably for the second time at parliamentary level, despite them having a huge local base from previous electoral victories in the town.

The Britain First result will be sending shivers down the spine of the Westminster 'Old-Gang' parties.

Immediately after the declaration of the result last night, Britain First began trending on X/Twitter.

High-profile Conservative Party politicians immediately started crying into their tissues on social media that we had taken so many votes from them and allowed Labour to get back in.

Some mainstream political websites, such as 'Britain Elects', were so demoralised with the Britain First vote that they published the results but omitted to include our party in the results list!

How petty and spiteful, but quite expected when it comes to panicked left-wing bigots.

Our candidate, Ashlea Simon, who did such a splendid job during the campaign, was extremely pleased with the result.

Our activist team at the count where also tremendously pleased with such a strong vote.

Britain First, as a party, is punching so far above its weight it's ridiculous.

A strong election result for such a party that is constantly being cancelled by the Establishment is a real slap in the face for the Westminster criminals.

The Westminster elite will be in shock right now, confused at what just happened, but also worried that Britain finally has a strong right-wing, nationalist contender.

Later today, party leader Paul Golding is going to send out a full analysis of the election.

Everyone who took part in the count last night is totally exhausted from 24 hours with no sleep while campaigning hard.

We have a great video report form the count, along with Paul's election analysis, both of which will be published late this afternoon.

Britain First caused astonishment in UK politics last night.

We are watching the rise of Britain First as a credible contender at Westminster.

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