Theresa May 'hypocrite' for criticising Trump's tweets

As Home Secretary, Theresa May oversaw the introduction of 'racist' vans for illegal immigrants

Theresa May has been skewered as a hypocrite for criticising Donald Trump despite overseeing 'racist' vans that told illegal immigrants to 'go home'.

The Prime Minister was criticised in the Commons after saying the US President's comments to four ethnic minority Congresswomen (informally known as the 'Squad' in US political circles) were 'completely unacceptable'.

Trump claimed the women - all US citizens and three born in the US - should 'go back and help fix' the places 'from which they came'.

While she stopped short of calling them 'racist', Mrs May criticised the language used - which was formally censured as 'racist' by the US Congress.

Yet it comes six years after Mrs May, as Home Secretary, presided over Home Office vans that told illegal immigrants in the UK to 'go home or face arrest'.

Author's comment: The odd thing about this entire 'storm in a teacup' is that the US President's tweets weren't racist at all. He gave his opinion that the four congresswomen (the 'Squad') should fix the problems in their ancestral homelands before they criticised the US government - and then 'come back and show the rest of us how it is done'.

In other words - 'get your own house in order before you have a go at us'. 

Now that's NOT racist. But will be instructive to see how Leftists around the world deal with it over the coming days.



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