They Came Bearing Gifts for Britain First!

It's rarely that Britain First activists meet hostile reactions from members of the public, as the majority support our patriotic message.

But sometimes - influenced no doubt by media propaganda - people feel the need to let rip.

It happened this morning to the West Dorset team as they were leafleting the Upwey and Broadwey district on the outskirts of Weymouth.

A large, angry man stormed out of his house swearing and shouting, apparently upset at the leaflet dropped through his letterbox.

‌As ever in such situations our activists walked away, avoiding unnecessary confrontation, and thought no more of it.

But then... a little bit of Christmas magic.

Half an hour later and several streets away, a woman came bearing gifts - chocolate selection boxes, to be precise. She explained that she was a neighbour of the angry man and wanted to apologise for his behaviour!

Our activists graciously accepted, and invited the kind lady to join Britain First.

Paul and Ken with chocolate gifts.

In the afternoon, Branch Organiser Ken took the team to Weymouth town centre to distribute leaflets to shoppers, many of whom expressed support for Britain First.

The team rounded off the day with a well-earned meal and drinks in a nearby pub. 

From Britain First in West Dorset - a patriotic Christmas to all!


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