Top Ten Reasons to Become a Britain First Activist

Thinking of becoming a Britain First activist? Here are ten good reasons!

1. We are right and they are wrong

We stand for decency, tradition, stable communities and a secure future for British children.

Our left-liberal enemies stand for perversion, upending of tradition, communities in chaos due to mass immigration, and the threat of dispossession and permanent crisis for our descendants.

We are right and they are wrong. Knowing this is what drives us.

2. Don't just talk, act!

Probably 99% of the UK patriotic movement exists only online. Admittedly, social media provides convenient means of communication and organisation, but we've seen how easy it is for governments and large corporations to close platforms down.

Hence the importance of real-world engagement, without which no political or transformational movement can ever hope to be successful.

Britain First activists don't just talk the talk, we walk the walk. We are the one percent who act.

3. Activism can be fun!

From talking to the public (99% supportive), to winding up leftists and liberals, to attending talks by knowledgeable speakers, to enjoying a pint and a laugh afterwards... it's true, activism can be fun!

4. Britain first - in touch with the people

Unlike other patriotic groups, Britain First combines street-level activism with politics, so that insights gleaned from direct contact with people can feed into policy.

Britain First remains in touch with the Great British public.

5. Be part of something bigger

Things won't improve in Britain until patriots cooperate to become an effective, large-scale organisation. Individuals can achieve only so much, and are easily silenced.

It's the potential for a mass populist movement that keeps the Traitor Class awake at night.

6. Exercising free speech

Life can be lonely and alienating for those immersed in politically correct culture, having to self-censor every word and action for fear of the Thought Police and their armies of anonymous informants. Which is why it's important to find like-minded people with whom to exchange ideas.

Britain First activists enjoy informal get-togethers where we discuss topical issues honestly and openly.

Those too young to remember when free speech was normal may find it exhilarating!

7. Growth could be fast

Our challenge is to grow Britain First into an influential national movement in a short space of time.

The experience of small populist parties in continental Europe shows that it can happen when circumstances are right, for an organisation prepared and attuned to public opinion.

8. You don't have to be a Christian, but...

Regardless of background or belief, Britain First activists recognise the centrality of Christianity in British and European culture. Whilst much of society drifts on a tide of fashionable fads - 'diversity', 'transgenderism' and so on -, our commitment to traditional values, morality and culture is a deep source of individual and collective strength.

9. See Britain!

Sometimes as an activist you'll travel to parts of the country you mightn't otherwise have bothered with. Often you'll be delighted by the beauty and rich history you find in those corners of our wonderful country.

10. Better than

Britain First activists are all highly attractive and intelligent people, so if you're looking for a wife or husband...

... click on the red button to register as an activist!


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