TRANSPARENCY: HQ publishes yearly accounts for 2019

By Paul Golding - Britain First is committed to complete financial transparency, probity and openness.

Thousands of donors and members contribute to fund our movement, its running costs, its bills, its activities and its growth.

Just like any other serious and credible political party/organisation, we will publish our annual accounts showing income and expenditure.

We do this so our supporters feel confident that their funds are being accounted for, down to the last penny.

The nationalist movement is riddled with groups and individuals that publish no financial details whatsoever.

This can create an atmosphere of distrust and reluctance to donate.

It is usually those who refuse to publish their own financial records that hurl accusations and insults at Britain First.

Britain First will be open and clear when it comes to spending the funds donated by our supporters.

Britain First is not in the same league as the Old-Gang traitor parties, whose funding reaches into the high millions from big business and trade unions.

Britain First relies and depends on the legions of ordinary, working class British patriots to fund our activities.

We hope that our policy of transparency will reinforce the faith that our donors, members and supporters have in our movement.

To inspect our annual accounts for the year 2019, please visit our finances page below:

Yours sincerely
Paul Golding
Leader, Britain First


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