UK: Banksy Brexit mural on Dover wall painted over

Local lawmaker Charlie Elphicke said in a tweet that it was a 'culturally iconic statement on our times.'

Wednesday 28 August 2019, LONDON (AP) – A Brexit mural by celebrated street artist Banksy appears to have been painted over.

The side of a building that had borne a famous painting of a worker chipping away one of the golden stars from the European Union’s flag – symbolizing Britain’s impending exit from the bloc – was covered in white paint Monday. Scaffolding had been erected over the weekend at the building in the southern British port city of Dover.

It was unclear what exactly had happened to the mural. The Godden Gaming Organization, which owns the building, previously said it was exploring options to remove, maintain or sell the artwork.

Emails to a Banksy representative and to Dover’s local council seeking clarification about the fate of the artwork went unanswered Monday, a national holiday in Britain.

Local lawmaker Charlie Elphicke said in a tweet that he is, 'Very disappointed by the disappearance of the Dover Banksy. A culturally iconic statement on our times.'

Editor's comment - I wouldn't put it past Banksy to have painted it over himself, as a 'culturally iconic statement' on the misplaced fascination that the British public have with 'progressive' street artwork. On the other hand, now that Brexit seems almost certain under the Boris Johnson administration, perhaps he has seen the light and decided that ostentatious displays of the aforesaid 'progressive' street artwork will no longer be welcome in modern Britain.


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