UK: Jihad terrorists can work at airports without MI5 being tipped off

Potential jihadists seen as “high-risk” could slip through investigation net.


TERROR suspects can still land jobs at airports and major railway hubs without police or MI5 being tipped off, a court heard yesterday.

Even potential jihadists seen as “high-risk” and under investigation could slip through the net.

Khuram Butt was under investigation by Scotland Yard and the security services when he was recruited by Transport for London in May 2016.

The inquest into the London Bridge atrocity heard that Butt, 27, was allowed to work at various Tube stations including Westminster, near Parliament. At the time, he was the target of a joint police/MI5 probe as a “high-risk” terror suspect.

The security loophole emerged as a senior MI5 officer, known as Witness L, gave evidence.

The officer agreed when Gareth Patterson, QC, representing the families of six victims, said: 'Would you agree that risks are being taken if terror suspects are being permitted to hold down jobs where the transport infrastructure is vulnerable?'

Speaking from behind a screen at the Old Bailey, Witness L also accepted Mr Patterson’s question: 'Is the position that to this day, people can still be terror suspects and start working at these sorts of locations without you or the counter-terrorism police being notified of it?' The officer said there was no evidence that Butt took the job for 'nefarious purposes'.

Author's comment: That means that there was no evidence that Butt plotted a jihad massacre in the Tube. MI5 does not know, however, what he might have intended to do eventually.

That is important because there is no doubt whatsoever that Muslims are being hired for the airport and the Tube without ever being questioned or investigated about what they think about jihad. To do so would be 'Islamophobic.'

How many more risks will MI5 take with the safety of British citizens with its certainty that none of these others are taking such jobs for 'nefarious purposes,' either?


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