UK: Muhammad cartoons absent from official display of censored political cartoons

Media Freedom Conference omits Muhammad in display of censored political cartoons

Bosch Fawstin's Muhammad


The Canadian and UK governments are co-hosting an event allegedly dedicated to free speech and the safety of journalists worldwide.

Among the displays is a wall dedicated to censorship and political cartoons, but the absence of the infamous Danish Muhammad cartoon has led many people to question the genuine commitment of the Canadian and UK governments to freedom of speech.

Coincidentally, this comes in the same week that citizen journalist Tommy Robinson was jailed for contempt of court.

His conviction and sentence, widely viewed as politically motivated, was for allegedly breaching reporting restrictions, although the judges at the Old Bailey gave equal weight to Tommy's live-streaming on social media and his questioning of the convicted defendants outside Leeds Crown Court in May 2018.

Aggressive and confrontational interviews outside or on the steps of a court are routine for journalists worldwide.

Author's comment: The Media Freedom Conference was, of course, a cynical and deceptive enterprise. There was never any chance that it would deal with social media censorship or the imposition of Sharia blasphemy laws in the West.

Cowardice is pandemic today, marketed as 'respect' - but one should never have any respect for an ideology that mandates its followers to convert, enslave or kill anyone who does not believe in it.


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