UK: Muslim sets fire to moorland 'for the fun of it'

The blaze raged above White Wells on Ilkley Moor in West Yorkshire and could have been 'catastrophic'

Sunday 25 August - A man who set fire to moorland with a cigarette lighter for the “fun of it” has been detained for 27 months.

The blaze, started by Mohammed Zulkifl, was one of several that raged above White Wells on Ilkley Moor in West Yorkshire during hot weather in April.

Zulkifl, aged 20, of Rufford Street, Bradford, admitted arson at Bradford Crown Court.

Judge Jonathan Durham Hall QC said left to its own devices, the fire could have been catastrophic….

The court heard at about 20:00 BST that day, Zulkifl was seen by council wardens setting fire to the grass with a cigarette lighter.

Mr Sharp said he stamped the fire out but then lit the grass again and walked away.

The court heard although the fire started by Zulkifl was put out quickly, the major blazes caused extensive damage to about 50 acres of moorland.

Natural England said the full extent of the damage was still unclear but restoration, if that was possible, would take a long time….

Editor's comment - How do you like that vibrant multiculturalism, Britain? Yet another Mohammed contributing to the crime statistics. We shouldn't be surprised, though, as arson has long been a weapon of jihad, and the al-Qaeda magazine Dabiq some years ago published an article that specifically advised Muslims on how to start large wildfires with 'ember bombs'.


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