UPDATE: The Coronavirus and Britain First

The coronavirus is causing serious problems for people across the country. 

The unfolding crisis is impacting political organisations, perhaps more than anyone else.

Britain First activities are based on bringing large numbers of individuals together in the same locality to interact with the public.

That's simply not possible - or sensible - in the current climate. 

HQ has announced a number of measures to safeguard our organisation during this crisis. 

Officers and activists with serious underlying health conditions have been ordered to avoid all activities and to spend time at home in isolation. 

All upcoming days of action and indoor meetings have been cancelled

On Tuesday, depending on developments before then, HQ will make a decision on whether to continue with small scale direct action operations. 

Our appeal to purchase a minibus has been postponed until the crisis passes.

The legal system has effectively shut down and this has impacted Britain First. 

Next Tuesday, our leadership were expected to be at Belfast High Court for a major showdown with the Electoral Commission.

This we have now been told has been postponed until the end of the year sometime. 

We are still waiting to hear whether or not Paul will face trial on the 20th of May at Westminster Magistrate's Court, but it is looking very unlikely.

Tommy Robinson has cancelled his demonstration at Luton Magistrate's Court on the 2nd of April. 

Because of the lockdown on political street activities, HQ has decided it will hold regular live streams on YouTube to engage our supporters instead. 

If we cannot hit the streets, and everyone is locked indoors, it is a perfect time to host live chat shows online.

Please remember if you develop a cough or a fever, or have shortness of breath, you need to self-isolate immediately and ring the NHS on 111.

We will send more updates as and when they happen. 

Yours sincerely,
Britain First HQ


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