PAUL GOLDING: Two lots of BAD news to report!

Unfortunately, I have two lots of bad news to report today.

Firstly, Facebook seemed to take offence to our celebrating yesterday and reacted by banning our 'Britain First Northern Ireland' page for the second time.

I have instructed our solicitors/QC to take immediate legal action in Belfast - no more negotiation, no more delays, straight to court.

The second piece of bad news is far more worrying.

Yesterday I met with the barrister/solicitors who are supposed to be defending us in court next Friday at our trial in Belfast and they informed me they are not going to help us any more.

I spent a large part of yesterday scrambling around the Belfast court chambers speaking with different sets of solicitors trying to find a new legal team.

With just over a week to go, I was in panic mode.

Thankfully, we have secured new legal representation - a new solicitor and a new barrister.

I am very impressed with these new legal reps and now the only thing that remains is to pay them their normal legal fees for defending us at our trial.

Obviously, as you can imagine, Jayda and I are very nervous about the prospect of being sent back to prison next Friday!

I don't relish being sent back to prison, let alone a prison in Northern Ireland which are dominated by hate-filled IRA-supporters.

They are more dangerous than the Islamists that dominate mainland jails!

I am confident - based on the evidence - that with a strong legal defence, Jayda and I can emerge from court 'not guilty'.

There is lots still to do: Our new team needs to prepare our evidence, our statements and our witnesses.

And we only have a week left to prepare - that's why Jayda and I desperately need your help today Paul.

Jayda and I don't mind sacrificing our freedom, even our lives, to secure a future for your children, but can we ask that in return you help us out a little bit when our necks are on the chopping block?

To make a one-off donation to our trial fighting fund, please CLICK HERE - every penny counts.

Yours sincerely,
Paul Golding
Leader, Britain First

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