WESTMINSTER MAGISTRATES COURT: Paul found GUILTY but given lenient fine and discharge

Today, party leader Paul Golding stood trial at Westminster Magistrates Court for an offence under the Terrorism Act 2000.

The day started with a heavy-handed act of police brutality.

Paul was told he was allowed to go to court with a small security team because of the regular threats to his person.

The liaison team at the Metropolitan Police confirmed this.

However, when Paul arrived at the car park nearest to the court, approximately 100 officers swooped on his team and handcuffed them.

They were all then told to disperse, leaving Paul on his own except with Ashlea Simon, Andrew Edge and Tommy Robinson.

All of Tommy’s security were ordered to disperse as well under threat of arrest.

Paul stood trial because he was charged with not providing the pincodes and passwords to his laptop-hard-drive and mobile phone while being detained at Heathrow Airport.

The main highlight of the day was the arresting officer – from SO15 Counter Terrorism Command - taking the stand and confirming that Paul was under no suspicion whatsoever of activities relating to terrorism or even criminality!

This particular officer even tried to claim that Paul was rude, aggressive and uncooperative!

Next, another member of the police team that arrested Paul at Heathrow Airport last October took the stand.

He confirmed that Paul was respectful, cooperative and well behaved, completely contradicting the previous police officer!

Despite all of this, Paul was found guilty of not providing his pincodes and passwords to the police – even though they confirmed he was under no suspicion of terrorism – and he was fined and given a nine-month conditional discharge.

This means that if Paul is not convicted of any offences during the next nine months, today’s conviction disappears off his criminal record.

This will mean that this entire prosecution and trial would be for nothing, and Paul would not have a conviction under the Terrorism Act 2000.

Paul would like to thank everyone from the bottom of his heart who supported him through this ordeal, especially those who donated to his legal fighting fund.

He is deeply grateful for the support and loyalty he has received.

Despite the threat of prison hanging over him, Paul stood firm and emerged with a victory of sorts.

Today’s events have been covered extensively in the media, with reports in the Daily Mail, the Independent, the Guardian and many others.

Paul is excited now to swing back into action as soon as lockdown restrictions ease.

The establishment were hoping that Paul would be a convicted terrorist and sent to prison.

Instead, he won’t even have a conviction in nine months’ time.

We are certain that if Paul was sent to prison today, the establishment would have used his conviction to try and proscribe/ban Britain First.

This is now impossible, and we can proceed with the civil case against the Electoral Commission to be registered as a political party.

Despite the criminality and sabotage attempts that are thrown at our movement, we have shown again that we are unshakeable and will continue the struggle to save our nation!


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