Young black and Asian prisoners outnumber whites (but diversity is still our greatest strength)

For the first time, young black and Asian prisoners outnumber whites - but diversity remains our greatest strength.

The Times:

There are more black, Asian and minority ethnic youths in young offender institutions and secure units than white people for the first time, according to government figures.


Ministry of Justice figures show that in May there were 415 black, Asian and minority young people in custody in England and Wales compared with 396 white young people, or 51 per cent to 48 per cent, with 1 per cent 'not known'.

Naturally, this shift is due to racism, and has nothing to do with black and Asian youth criminality:

The announcement comes as a Labour MP said that jurors favoured white, middle-class defendants. Lucy Powell, MP for Manchester Central, made her comments after two schoolboys were acquitted of all charges in connection with the death of Yousef Makki, 17, a fellow pupil.

'You do have to ask if these defendants were black, at state school and from, say, Moss Side, whether they would have been acquitted,' she said.

Here's confirmation from Pippa Goodfellow, 'director of the Standing Committee for Youth Justice':

The latest youth custody statistics are a cause of great concern, as they demonstrate the sheer extent to which the criminal justice system is disproportionately propelling black and minority ethnic children into prison.

Remember: every time an ethnic minority person gets arrested for bombing, shooting, stabbing, acid-attacking or robbing someone, it's because of slavery, oppression, colonialism, Islamophobia or racism.

We know this, because Lucy and Pippa say so.

Remember too: no matter how many people are bombed, shot, stabbed, acid-attacked or robbed by third-worlders and their offspring, diversity remains our greatest strength.

For ever and ever, Amen.


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