It has been reported that an appalling case of child molestation occurred at a Center Parcs family swimming pool at Woburn Forest on Sunday 01 March when an adult male of 'Asian' appearance allegedly sexually assaulted an eight-year-old girl, who just happened to be the daughter of Tommy Robinson.

A citizen's arrest was performed by the girl's father and the alleged perpetrator was restrained for three hours before the police arrived - at which point, rather than arrest the perpetrator, Bedfordshire Police chose to arrest and charge Tommy Robinson for alleged assault during the course of the citizen's arrest.

It has been further reported that the alleged perpetrator admitted to the police that he had sexually assaulted the girl, and yet he was not arrested, and neither did he have his phone examined at the time by the police for possible evidence of indecent photographs or other paedophile behaviour.

Given that he was an adult male, and that he was allegedly present with other adult male companions in a children's swimming area, one would have thought that this would have been the very least the Police could have done.

One can only hope that unlike so many other police forces in recent years, Bedfordshire Police have not prioritised political correctness and 'community cohesion' above the safety and well-being of young vulnerable children.

Had the boot been on the other foot, and had an 'Asian' child been sexually assaulted, we feel certain that the Police would have deployed extensive resources to reassure the 'Asian' community that they were taking their concerns seriously - why is the same courtesy rarely if ever extended to the increasingly resentful 'non-Asian' community?

We demand that Bedfordshire Police actively demonstrate that they are taking the issue of child molestation seriously in this instance, and furthermore that they take all steps necessary to reassure the 'non-Asian' community that they are not simply taking the path of least resistance to avoid offending 'Asian' sensibilities by the arrest and prosecution of Tommy Robinson.

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