PETITION: Tear down the extremist hijab statue in Birmingham!

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The Labour council in Birmingham has allowed a hideous statue of a woman wearing a hijab to be erected in Birmingham.

This comes at a time when women in Islamic nations, such as Iran, are being executed or imprisoned for taking their hijabs off.

Women in Islamist communities face enormous communal pressure to wear these hijabs, mostly against their will.

The forced wearing of hijabs is a symbol of oppression throughout the world.

For this reason, the extremist statue in Birmingham must be torn down.

We do not oppress women here in our Christian, Western nations.

Britain First has launched an urgent petition to pressure the leader of Birmingham City Council, Cllr John Cotton, to reverse his outrageous decision.

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  • signed 2023-11-28 01:47:22 +0000
  • signed 2023-11-27 13:16:02 +0000
    Our women died were imprisoned all those years ago for women to have the same rights as men, this is an insult to them all and all women of today.
  • signed 2023-11-26 19:46:02 +0000
    We are a Christian Nation,against oppression, for all people.Take this hideous statue down.why are we continuing to put up with this.
  • signed 2023-11-26 18:26:03 +0000
    I’m totally disgusted, & sick of becoming a minority in my own country !!!!!
  • signed 2023-11-26 16:28:39 +0000
    Brits should wake right up NOW and face the fact that Muslims are well on their way to outbreeding us! When, (not if), we are a minority, being despised and the wearing of HIJABS could be the LEAST of our worries! – we must consider the possible/probable imposition of Shariah Law, forced conversion to Islam, forced marriages, FGM, compulsory circumcision of baby boys, etc., etc. I am guessing the necessities of life will also not be equally shared between Britons and Muslims – just like now! Probably the safety net of a Welfare State and NHS will be demolished except to the deserving (guess who!) – so those having to steal food to avoid starvation – may possibly have limbs removed as a Just Shariah Punishment – but don’t worry – I believe it is currently humanely done under anaesthetic in these modern times. Our lovely British farm animals will all be slaughtered inhumanely – Halaal style. The return of Capital Punishment is still desired by many Britons today – take heart! – it WILL be – but often for reasons we would regard as trivia, and public executions by hanging or beheading will take place once more in our Land, just as it did historically – happy days are here again! The GLBTQetc will also not be kindly regarded by these intolerant invaders. No doubt execution or harsh punishments lie in wait for them, too. Random rape of British women (by Muslims) will be a conquerors privilege and paedophilia on British children will flourish, as the (exemplary) Prophet consummated his marriage to his poor little wife Aisha, who was only 9 years old at the time. Suddenly Diversity and Multiculturalism do not seem so desirable!

    Our Politicians will have long-ago legged it by then to sunnier climes with their ill-gotten wealth gained by selling-out both us and our Country.
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  • signed 2023-11-23 13:01:09 +0000
    This is outrageous! After all the years women suffered to get the vote and to enjoy equal freedom and equality Birmingham is now promoting sharia law!
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    This rubbish has no place in our once great country.
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    Smash it to Rubble it’s an insult to our country
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