Pope Francis compares Salvini to Hitler

Matteo Salvini's slogan, 'Italians first', pretty much sums up his political philosophy.

The Italian deputy prime minister is one of the new breed of European populists, politicians who put their own people before third-world invaders.

Italians first for housing.

Italians first for jobs.

Italians first for education.

Italians first for healthcare.

This, of course, is heresy to the mainstream globalists.

Salvini's tough stance against migrant 'rescue boats' (the free ferry service run by rich socialists for fake refugees) is winning strong public and political backing:

Matteo Salvini has scored another victory after parliament passed a security bill which threatens the captains of migrant rescue vessels with fines of up to €1 million if they enter Italy's ports without permission.

... skippers of NGO vessels who rescue asylum seekers in the Mediterranean and try to bring them to an Italian port will face fines [and] be arrested and their vessels impounded.

Yesterday (9th August), Pope Francis criticised Salvini's support for 'sovereignism' (doctrine of national independence) and compared his rise to power with that of Adolf Hitler in the 1930s:

I am concerned because we hear speeches that resemble those of Hitler in 1934. 'Us first, We... We...' These are frightening thoughts... Sovereignism is an exaggeration that always ends badly: it leads to war.

One can understand the Pope's worries, with the boats being turned back and all.

The old geezer needs a regular supply of African feet to slobber over:


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