SEND A COMPLAINT: School in Essex changes words in Christian hymn to appease Muslims!

The importance of the birth of Jesus in Christian tradition is being systematically diluted by politically correct head teachers in primary schools.

Youngsters at Whitehall Primary School in Chingford, Essex, have been told to sing edited versions of two modern Christian hymns when they attend a carol service and nativity play at a nearby church.

The words ‘Jesus the saviour’ in the carol Love Shone Down have been replaced with ‘Jesus the baby’, while the words ‘new King born today’ in the carol 'Come And Join The Celebration' have been replaced with ‘a baby born today’.

The primary school has also instructed pupils to say ‘Baby Boy Jesus’ instead of ‘Lord Jesus’ while singing 'Away In A Manger' so that pupils of all faiths can join in.

Parents have reacted with fury - one furious mother, a former Metropolitan Police officer, said the changes were utterly unacceptable and likened it to taking ‘Christ’ out of Christmas.

Whitehall head teacher Zakia Khatun defended her decision, insisting the school is inclusive of all children, but in doing so completely overlooked the fact that her actions effectively discriminate against Christians who regard Jesus not merely as a baby, but as Lord and Saviour, King of Kings.

We demand that this decision is reversed and that Christian traditions are upheld in our schools - after all, Christianity is something to be proud of, and is not to be swept aside in favour of political correctness, multiculturalism, diversity and 'inclusivity'.

Take part in our campaign and your message will be sent immediately and automatically to Zakia Khatun, the Head Teacher, and also to Sam Neal, Chairman of the Board of Governors at the Whitehall Primary School in Chingford:


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